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ACEX Lifehacks. How to Send Cargo from China to Russia.

ACEX employees had to ship nine types of molds for spare parts of all a well-known VAZ-21214 “Niva” along the familiar route from China to Samara
Winter was over and long holidays in different countries started bringing difficult situations and hassle to the life of the logisticians. The transportation was planned in the first decade of January. Immediately after the completion of a series of weekends, holidays and corporate events in Russia, the employees of ACEX Togliatti office "plunged" into the process of completing the production of molds for the automotive industry of a well-known Chinese manufacturer.
"As it usually happens on the New Year eve, the Chinese were delaying the delivery of the products," says Andrei Smirnov, Head of ACEX in the Samara and Ulyanovsk regions, "although problems with the supply of containers for loading was not expected, the staff was seriously concerned about the further placement of unloaded containers on the ship and if the goods could leave the territory of China prior to the celebration. It was unacceptable to "hang up" in the port for transshipment to the railway on holidays".
Persistence and foresight allowed the company specialists to load a pair of 20ft containers on January 29, and "slip" through the territory of the Republic of China to the bordering Zabaikalsk before the all-Chinese started celebration. Then the route proceeded in normal mode and, after 35 calendar days from the moment of loading the cargo arrived at the final destination in Russia. Customs clearance was also completed.
With excitement, our colleagues in the Samara region opened the gate of sea containers, fearing new damage to the packaging of molds or the iron boxes themselves, carrying heavy and oversized equipment. The long way by rail, with the descents of the platforms from the slides at the junctions, did not pass without a trace: the Chinese bars-limiters on the route were cracking and breaking; plywood boxes could not stand and crumbled, but no fatal damage, neither cargo, nor transport equipment fortunately did not receive.
Heavy and costly cargo was delivered without incident, in full accordance with the deadline agreed with the customer.

How to send cargo from China to Russia.

We offer a few variants:
1. By sea through Vladivostok and then by the container train to the destination;
2. By sea through Novorossiysk and then by railway;
3. By sea through St. Petersburg and then by road or railway transport.
At the same time, the choice of auto or railway across the territory of Russia is determined by the conditions of the drop-off of the container line chosen for transportation.
4. By rail from China to Russia through Zabaikalsk.

All these options have their price and time characteristics and the choice of the supply chain depends on the customer's needs.

Details at:

30, Kommunalny proezd,
Khimki, 141400, Russia

Контактное лицо: ACEX Press center (написать письмо автору)
Компания: ACEX (все новости этой организации)
Добавлен: 22:01, 24.05.2018
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