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ACEX knows how to pack Cargo and avoid additional expenses

Look through the requirements to the package of different transportation types and also special aspects of auto and air transportation
The wrong cargo package can be a reason of unexpended expenses for the shipping carrier. In this article we will know what factors must be considered to deliver cargo to a consignee in the original form and avoid additional expenses.

Requirements to the package, conditions and particular features of cargo transportation are demonstrated in normative-technical documents for the certain type of goods in section ‘’Package, marks, transportation and storage’’.
The general rules of packaging and cargo transportation from the All-Union standard 26653-90 ‘’General cargo preparation for transportation’’ come into account for the formulation of internal standards.

Requirements to the package regardless of the transportation type:
- tare and package should provide the cargo preservation and transportation safety in the light of climate conditions, in which the transportation takes place;
- package should be similar to the content;
- tare should be clean, dry, in good order, prevent a leakage, bottling and spreading of the content;
- intratare inputs should be compact laid down without any emptiness;
- package should be firm to keep stacking and transfer operations, and it should be also comfortable for bracing and arrangement in transports;
- package of different dangerous goods in the same tare is forbidden;
- tare and package of goods that contain dangerous materials and liquids, should compliant with standards. They are formulated in ‘’Rules of dangerous goods transportation’’;
- package of valuable cargo should be tamper-evident. Identification seal should have clear reprints of digital and letter pictures;
- marking inscriptions and manipulative signs are made in accordance with standards and technical conditions for cargo, tare and package;
- cargo that need special storage and transportation conditions should contain correct marks, manipulative signs and a working instruction;
- access to the content of cargo should be excluded;
- pallet is a necessary part of the package. It makes loading and off-loading work possible. It preserves the cargo wholeness;
- there is a phytosanitary treatment of package, tare and pallets for countries with the health rules standard ISPM15.

Special aspects of auto transportation

Auto transportation has its own minuses. The transportation on roads with the poor quality leads to vibration, constructional deformation and attachment weakening of the loading unit.
The transportation time also affects the cargo preservation if it is not possible to uncover the close and sealed body and checking the attachment state. It is necessary to take into account these factors choosing the package and arrangement of freight places in a transport. The wrong stacking can become a reason of cargo damage. When hard pallets are charged over cargo, that is unappropriated for it, the inner and secondary packages get broken. The tampering with shipment leads to the cargo damage.

Cargo damage for consignee is:
- failure of production terms, impossibility of products realization and loss of profit;
- wasting time to the clarification and the debt recovery procedure from the transport company.

The cargo is often damaged in auto transportation. The reason of it is a non-compliance with the requirements for packaging in production.

Example 1. Delivery of beam deflector from Italy to Russia

Euro pullets and stretch wraps are often used for multiload cargo. Besides, wooden boxes and different constructions are used, they are made according to the size of the shipped goods.
Accepting the packaging goods is the main driver’s task on the load. Professionals check documents, count the number of freight places and look through the package for this procedure. In our case the supply contractor did not interleave the necessary amount of barrier material between cargo and the outer packages. The part of the base wore out of the wooden carcass and the part of cargo was damaged. Unfortunately, it was found only in the consignee’s warehouse.
We had in mind this experience in the next transportation. When we delivered cargo in the transit warehouse in Vilnius, we decided to check the cargo package and wholeness of goods. The cargo was opened and we noticed the weak package. The cargo was packed again and was sent to the consignee to Russian Federation.

Example 2. Wrong stacking

The supply contractor made the wrong cargo stacking: the heavy pallet was at the top.
It has led to the damage of the lower box and fragmentary loss of cargo (plastic connectors). After the cargo’s delivery to the transit warehouse we noticed the pasteboard box, pallet and stretch wrap. Pallets were loaned in some circles according to their weight. They were delivered to consignee without any damages.

Special aspects of air transportation

Air transportation has its own special aspects. The choice of the cargo package is based on the temperature and pressure differences on the Earth and in the air. Package, dockage, cargo’s configuration should guarantee security of the air transportation. Cargo is packed in the secure tare with possible attachment in the belly hold. Prominent and sharp package details should be protected. It excludes the belly hold’s damage and disturbance of package wholeness of other transported goods.
The transportation of cargo in the air containers is the most reliable airfreight. The foundation of this container is made in the light of the ground-based mechanic appliances for the cargo elevation. The container can withstand the temperature from -60 to +60 degrees Celsius.

Metal, glass, ceramic, wooden, plastic and other tare in which liquid and bulk goods are packed, must withstand the internal overpressure that depends on the flight altitude and temperature, exclude leakage, spillage or scattering of contents.
The choice of packaging for bulky cargo is based on the weight of the cargo, adjusted for the overload factor, which is provided for each type of aircraft.
In the air transportation, there are also acts of God. In our example, the forwarder saved on the package and got a damaged cargo.
Barrels on pallets are set in the way they withstand the load and do not break. In our case, the barrels could not be stacked on top of each other. The net weight of the substance per one cargo space should not exceed 100 kg. This rule was violated, which resulted in cargo damage.
The load was not primed to the pallets with a plastic band from top to bottom and crosswise. This would eliminate the displacement of cargo during transportation.

Why should the cargo packaging be trusted to professionals?

If you take into account the features of auto or air transportation and take the necessary measures for the safety of cargo and transport security, the cargo will reach the consignee in its original form, and you will avoid additional spending.

We offer ready-made solutions for additional the cargo protection during transportation:

- palletizing, collection of cargo on a pallet. Used to simplify loading and unloading operations;
- stretch wrap, standard packaging material. Protects the package from small damages and dirt;
- hard wooden packaging, crate + wooden shield. Made for maximum cargo protection from external influences;
- soft package for fragile goods;
- cardboard box for small loads. It is the additional protection;
- packaging of rolls;
- strapping tape.
We measure and weigh the load anew at all transit points. Notify the consignee in case of the error and reduce potential risks to a minimum.

Details at:

30, Kommunalny proezd,
Khimki, 141400, Russia

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